" We at Narayan Overseas, India offer Aromatic Indian Basmati & Non- Basmati Rice that is reckoned in the market for its purity and great taste. Each grain of rice reflects our ability to bring forth high-quality products for the customers. Our non-sticky Indian Basmati Rice offers great taste and good health as it is easy to digest. Precise moisture content ensures perfect fluffiness after cooking. No chemicals have been used as we maintain zero-tolerance against chemicals. Air-tight packaging is done to lock the aroma of the product. We are exporting Rice to USA, Europe, South East Asian, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, UAE and African Countries. We cater to all varieties Traditional Basmati, Pusa Basmati, 1121 Basmati Sharbati Basmati and in all forms – Brown, Milled Raw, Steamed, Par-boiled / Sella – White / Golden. Non-Basmati varieties are PR 14, PR11, PR 106, IR 64, IR14, and in all forms – Brown, Milled Raw, Steamed, Par-boiled / Sella – White / Golden. Ponni varieties are Chella Ponni, Kalsar Ponni, Andra Ponni, and Karnataka Ponni, Swarna Masuri, and Idly Rice Ambai 16. Has the capability to pack in all forms of packaging materials."

Basmati Rice

Basmati, meaning ‘Queen of Fragrance’ is a variety of long-grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavor. Basmati rice has been reported in India since the early days of the 19th Century though it may have been named differently. Basmati is a variety of long grain rice which is traditionally from India. It's also called Oryza Sativa. Indian Basmati Rice is one of the famous worldwide for its quality and aroma. There are several varieties of basmati rice. 1121 Sella/Steam/Raw, Pusa Sella/Steam/Raw, Sugantha Sella/Steam/Raw, Sharbati Sella/Steam/Raw. Pusa & Sugantha is also called the name of super Kernel Basmati Rice. This rice is different from other rice mainly due to the aroma and elongation post cooking. No other rice has this combined characteristic. The post cooking elongation of more than twice its original length, aroma, and its sweet taste has made basmati rice a delicacy.

Non-Basmati Rice

"Rice other than basmati rice is called non- basmati rice. In the world it has been reported that there are 10000 varieties of rice, the maximum number being in India. In fact, basmati rice equals to only 1% production of the total rice grown in India. Non- basmati rice comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some are long and slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round. None have the same characteristics as basmati rice. Some names of non basmati rice are shaped like basmati rice and PR, 104 IR8, IR 64, Masuri."